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Whitewashing the Fall Line-Up

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Sometimes he’s more astute than I give him credit for.  But then it irks me when he’s right.

When my husband heard that the Geico Cavemen were going to premiere in their own tv show this fall he said it was basically a racial show with the cavemen standing in as representatives of America’s two biggest minorities: black and hispanic.  I didn’t want to believe the show would have racial undertones.  I argued with him that it would be just a comedy, about what I’m unsure. 

And then someone posted this LA Times article on their blog.

The absence of minority star power prompted George Lopez, whose self-titled sitcom was just canceled by ABC, to put its demise in racial terms, by declaring to The Times, “TV just became really, really white again.” Lopez said he felt his veteran show was being dumped not because of its middling ratings but to make room for “Cavemen,” which the network is calling a “hilarious and thought-provoking commentary on race relations in today’s America.” The series, which stars three white actors under a ton of makeup, is based on characters from the popular Geico commercials. ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson told reporters in May that the comedy focuses on a new “minority.”

Yes, the minority of underpaid white performers who have to dress up in make up to create a different subgroup from the white majority.  It’s like Alien Nation all over again.

With the last two seasons of television I thought that, perhaps, America was moving towards multiculturalism and that people wanted good writing and compelling stories that looked beyond race.  But instead of watching a tv show that has brown, yellow, red or black people as its main characters TV execs think we’d rather see a group of white people chafe against masked white people.  Now that’s comedy, but the laughs on us. 

Cane sound promising and so does a few shows on the CW.  I can’t get over how naive I was on this one and J the perceptive one (dang it).


Written by rentec

9 June, 2007 at 9:06 pm

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