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I Love the Tonys!

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I love the Tony awards!  Most of the plays I may never get a chance to see if they never tour but I still love to watch the awards anyway. The Academy Awards is the award of the heart of America but the Tony’s represent the American creative spirit.  The movies aren’t always a representation of what’s going on in America; ofttimes movies are a two hour escape from real life.  Broadway does the same but most often than not its high brow.  The plays make you think; you have to use more of your imagination sometimes if the stage isn’t as fully fleshed out as a movie set and time and set changes aren’t quick flash transitions as they are on screen. 

Another good thing about the Tonys is people don’t hide who they are.  Tonight Bill T Jones gave a shout out to his longtime companion.  You aren’t likely to see people acknowledge their gay/lesbian companions on the Academy Awards or given an open acknowledgement to their sexual orientation like someone who was associated with Spring Awakenings did.  Interracial couples are also there.  Taye Diggs was there with his wife Idina Menzel and Audra McDonald was there with her husband (who is white).

Now I have my list of shows that I want to see if they should ever come to the city or have names to suggest to different groups about plays that should be done once the rights become available.  

For those who love theatre you might want to check out the first National Asian Theatre Festival that begins this week and later this summer there is the biennial National Black Theatre Festival.


Written by rentec

11 June, 2007 at 3:53 am

Posted in entertainment

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