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Beware the Hok!!

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It turned around just like that. 

At the beginning of the week J was whining about Aarion on Hell’s Kitchen.  But now he’s happy that Hok is back.

“Whose Hawk?” I asked.

“You know Hok.  The guy who auditioned for “You Think You Can Dance” last season but was denied because of his Visa.  Him.”

“How do you know its him?  Maybe its some other Asian dude who can dance.  I’m sure there’s more than one. ”

“You’ll see when you get home,” he said.

Turns out it was the same guy but I missed his dance routine.  My husband isn’t a big dance/musical theatre/creative movement type of fellow (he’s just biding his time for the next NBA Finals game so he can route for LeBron and the Cavs) but he watched Hok dance.  He watched a few more before he changed the channel.  Creativity is good but he’s not going to get fanatical about it.

If they keep Hok on for a few weeks maybe So You Think You Can Dance will have one more viewer.   I said to him “kudos for having racial solidarity” which he denied but when I pointed out the last male dancer had amazing fluidity and might become my favorite male dancer this season (although no one can take the place of Benji and Donyelle in my heart) he poo-poohed the guys ability.

To him, he’s not Hok. 


Written by rentec

14 June, 2007 at 5:23 pm

Posted in asians, entertainment

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