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Colorism on Campus

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A recent poll among African American colleges at an unnamed Midwestern University reports that black students of both genders have a predilection for lighter skin, although males moreso than females. 

96% of Black men preferred women of a lighter hue where only 70% of Black women preferenced lighter men.  The study also stated that the women took more characteristics into considertion such as facial features and style of dress.

Jas M. Sullivan,  an assistant professor and one of the conductors of the study said the purpose was to undertand if the sentiments are still in the community.

Sullivan said, “Clearly you could make the connection between the preference for lighter skin and the past, but the deeper question, the question that needs much more observation is the why. Why does the black community self-select? Is this preference a dormant trait, is it something psychological, or is it just that light skin is all we see in the media and that affects our choices? These are the questions that still need answering.”  (taken from BlackCollegeWire.0rg)

Preference for lighter skin for females is not exclusive to the black community.  Across Asia and Africa skin whitening creams are in demand by women.   Oftentimes, instead of achieving the fair skin they desire the women are left with scars from the illegal creams.

In part, perhaps one of the reasons humans equate femininity with lighter skin is because across the globe women tend to have lighter skin than their male counterparts in the area.  Women’s pigment is lighter than men because of the need to develop vitamin D during pregnancy. 

Although this doesn’t still explain why sometimes it seems  black males choose females more than 5 times lighter than their own coloring.  It’s possibly more rooted in culture than genetic.  Unfortunately it helps to create animosity between darker and lighter women in the black community.

Cue the Jiggabo/Wannabe dance routine now.


Written by rentec

14 June, 2007 at 9:23 pm

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