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Soulmates: the movie

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Be afraid, be very afraid.

A few years ago the talk of the black message boards was down low men.  Who are they, how can you spot them, are you dating one.   When JL King went on Oprah that cemented it.   Yep, now not only are they gay, with white women, or incarcerated now the ones we think might possibly be looking our way are also looking at dude walking behind us. 

Just when we thought the black terror dating alert button has gone down to yellow we are back up at orange.  The new mantra is 70%!  “70% of us are single, ya’ll!  Sev-uhn-tee, what’s the black race gonna do?”  Damn, I’m married and I’m scared.  I want to arrange a trip with my single black females down to Jamaica we they can get their groove back and find them a nice young dude to marry but I’m afraid that instead of coming home with a Winston like Stella, they’ll find a Jonathan like Terry.

Damn!  Can’t find no men nowhere.

The lastest thing that set off my terror alert for bw is the new film, Soul Mate.  I saw the clip on the website but I’m curious if it offers viable solutions.  I’m going to have to find it and screen it before I give it out.  I have a friend I owe a birthday gift to and it might be perfect, but on the offchance its not I have to make sure.  Sybil just turned 40 this year and she’s looking for a few good men just so she can find one to marry.  Well, she has made things a bit harder for herself since the man she wants should be hindu and Asian –Indian preferably.  I’m not exactly sure how she’s going to find that here in the midwest, but stranger things have happened.  But since she’s 40 and single and I don’t think she’d appreciate a film that reminds her that she is 40 and single or tell her she should find happiness in being 40 and single.  She would like a film that can tell her how to find Prashad and get his behind to the alter in six months or less.

But as things stand right now, my sisters, its still not safe to get back in the dating waters.  Check your local blogs for the latest updates in the war on dating terror.


Written by rentec

28 June, 2007 at 12:37 pm

Posted in black women, dating

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  1. Amanda

    27 September, 2008 at 9:55 am

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