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When Gold Mountain Doesn’t Want You

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My summer book reading list just keeps getting longer and longer.  Last week I added Third Girl to the Left by Martha Southgate after I read her excellent essay in NYT Book Review last week.

Now I just picked up Driven Out: The Forgotten War Against Chinese Americans by Jean Pfaelzer.

Although I’m not really sure if this era is completely gotten.  Its not in mainstream history, for sure, but I recall a really excellent essay written on the topic by Maxine Hong Kingston in her book China Men that talked about how Chinese men were discouraged to settle in many places after the construction of the railroad was completed and how many went East looking for work, instead of returning to China. 

Its an interesting part of history which could have been made a good tv show.  I could just see it, an Asian man wandering around the United States, interacting with Americans.  He could be learning about their culture and teaching others about his.  Hey, maybe he could even do some martial arts! 

I wonder if Hollywood would ever think about doing a movie or tv show like this?

But to listen about Chinese Americans and African Americans being shut out of American towns listen here and here.


Written by rentec

9 July, 2007 at 3:17 pm

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