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What a Diva Wants

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I don’t know what it says about me that I find this video hilarious. It makes me laugh so hard.   

Okay, it says I’m mean.  But I don’t approve of her actions.  (shaking my head and wagging my finger)

When I saw the episode I wanted to do an intervention and convince Archie not to marry her, especially after I saw the Dr. Phil episode.  The Marsha and Archie wedding has to be the most watched episode of Bridezilla ever. 

But dudes, its a hint and a half for your ass if your fiancee tells you she wants to go on Bridezilla.  If she thinks of herself as a Diva either get to groveling or bounce so she can find another sycophant.

Supposedly they are getting divorced.  Here’s a letter floating around that is allegedly from her.

Hi there handbagqueen,Since you would like an update from Marsha & Archie season 3, you should straight hear it from the source. Yes you have guessed it right! Well Archie and I are no longer together and we are in the middle of a divorce now. Yes TV has protrayed me to be the bad character, and I must say they did a very fine job of doing it. If I wasn’t protrayed as the bad person then their would be no ratings. It all started out as fun & games, but ended up dramatized and real.

The reason he and I are no longer together is because Archie had a very dark secret called “CHEATING”. And yes he was blasted on with a photo he took of himself in our home, with the digital camera he bought me when we were engaged. Any day a wife walks in her house and finds another womans sanitary napkin in her trash can, is the day I will walk out of your life forever. Yes he was tooo cheap to take her to a hotel, motel, Hell holiday inn!The truth is I was dealing with this from day 1 even before the wedding, but I thought I loved him enough to forgive and forget and marry the man that I thought I was in love with. Since I haven’t been invited to express my true feelings of what really happened on a tv show. I’ve been inspired to write a book about the before and after effects of the wedding. The day Archie cried on national tv, should have been the end of our relationship BOTTOM LINE. I tried to put him on blast by submitting my case on cheater’s, but there was a conflict on interest “DAMN”. I had a slight relapse of him cheating in the past, and called the wedding off and that’s why he cried and said I left him, but I decided to marry him anyway. What I fool I was. Archie knew the person I was before he agreed to be on bridezilla, and it didn’t all happen on the day I married him. At the end of the day, before and after the wedding, there is no justifying cheating by any means.

signed fool in love,

edit 6:18 Tues 10 July: I forgot to say to the ladies, if you know dude is cheating on you then there is no need to go ahead and marry him.  If he cheats on you before the wedding he’s going to cheat on you during the marriage.


Written by rentec

10 July, 2007 at 9:50 pm

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