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Okay, I know.  Again with the NYT.

But, there’s an article in Sunday’s paper that discusses how some school systems are handling diversity by choosing income diversity over race.

That’s one way to go.

I guess I always did have my qualms about shoving low income blacks in with low income whites and then expecting higher test scores.  From where I stand, those who have the wherewithal will be capable of taking themselves from the situation and go to a better school system.  There are quite a few poor white areas in the burbs that are close to enriched white suburban areas so that although the school may be monoracial it could still be viewed as socially diverse because of the different classes that are in attendance.

But I have to admit I did find this part disturbing:

Another problem is demographics. Mr. Biegel said public school students in San Francisco were relatively low income over all, whatever their race or ethnicity, so the diversity index produced less mixing than hoped.

The wide ethnic diversity in San Francisco’s schools, which are about one-third Chinese, also introduces calculations among parents that make it easier to get income diversity without racial or ethnic diversity.

At Willie L. Brown Jr. College Preparatory Academy, a fourth- through sixth-grade school in the predominantly black neighborhood of Bayview, 75 percent of the students are black. Most are poor.

Tareyton D. Russ, the principal, said students from other neighborhoods did not seek to go there so the diversity index did not even apply. “Poor Chinese kids don’t want to go to school with poor black kids,” Mr. Russ said flatly.

Conversely, one white parent interviewed as she dropped her child off at summer school said some white parents avoided schools with a heavy Chinese concentration, like Lincoln, believing they would be too high-pressure for their children. She declined to be quoted by name.

 Them that’s got shall not get and them that ain’t gots don’t want to be with those who ain’t got that don’t look like them.  Where is the sense in that?  And in the above sentence? 


Written by rentec

16 July, 2007 at 5:43 am

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