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You Put That in Your Mouth?

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Last week I thought I was sufficiently grossed out when J called me to watch this show with him on the Discovery Channel where this man drinks his own urine.  Yeah, the dude claimed he had to drink his own urine because he was lost in the outback of Australia and the heat was bearing down on him, but I bet you anything the camera men were sitting back and gulping their Perrier while filming Bears diddlying into his canteen.  You’re trying to tell me they couldn’t slip him a bit of the H2O with the camera’s turned off for a moment?  Yeah, right.

Aside from dude being totally gross, there are other shows that provoke us into watching by showing us what the rest of the world is eating.   There’s Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” which is basically mild compared to Andrew Zimmerman’s Bizarre Foods.  When he ate this one dish of foetid meat mixed cooked with scrambled eggs he made me want to vomit.  Then he made the speech of, “I defend the right of…” I’m like, dude that’s cool, but it would go over better if you weren’t just gagging the food up.

Even Terry Gross is getting in on the gross food act.  I’m driving around Sunday afternoon and then I hear a revised airplay of this story.  And all I could think was I’m so glad J wasn’t here with me because he would try to make up a dish with the maggot cheese.  “Don’t you think it would taste good as a sauce over linguini with clams? ”

I’m trying to figure out when did all these shows gain an element of Fear Factor?  I expect Mountain Oysters from Joe Rogan, but et tu, Terry?

I’m all for diversity but I will be stay an adamant segregationist when it comes to my plate.  I don’t even like for my food to touch and I implement strict boundaries between my meats, veggies, and breads.  Of all the available food out there in the world, Americans eat probably a small percent of that the rest of the world considers delectable.  You won’t find insects on purpose on our plates.  Offals usually are not everyday cuisine of even the poor here in America and the only thing we want pickled by our liquor is ourselves.  There is something to be said for dietary blandness and I think that one thing might be called a “healthy colon tract”.

(holding up my flouridated, overly processed clean glass of tap water)

So, here’s to us. (a big gulp)  And the water still tastes funny.


Written by rentec

16 July, 2007 at 6:18 am

Posted in diversity, pop culture

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