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Names on a Ballot

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In Boston, Chinese Americans are rallying to have some of the names transliterated into Chinese characters.  Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin filed a challenge in federal court against changing the ballots in order to protect Chinese voters. 

“Elections have to be precise,” says Galvin, who wants ballot instructions in Chinese but candidate names in English. He says transliteration — using characters whose sounds approximate the way the names are spoken — can have “unintended negative inferences.” (Candidates Lost in Chinese Translation, USA Today 11 Jul 07)

But Asian activists disagree say that its an effective way to have some voters to vote without the need for a translator.

There’s not a big Chinese community in my city so I don’t think it will effect anyone here, but I am definitely for it just for comedy alone.  I think for ballots across the country they should translate the names into Chinese and then translate them back into English.  I think the Chinese names capture the true nature of the candidates.  Hilary Clinton equals Upset Stomach, Barack Obama is Oh Intellectual Overcome Profound Oh Gemstone and Fred Thompson means Fortune Virtue Soup.  Well, maybe not for Fred Thompson, there’s nothing soup-like about him.  He’s more of a stew man.

And Romney is Stickey Rice.  Yeah, he’s sticky alright.


Written by rentec

17 July, 2007 at 9:51 pm

Posted in asians, politics

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