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The Great Moral Issue of Our Time

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On July 16 John Edwards began his 8-state poverty tour, viewing the downtrodden areas of the country to help bring attention to the poor.

“This is not a political strategy. This is a huge moral issue facing America,” Edwards, a former U.S. senator from North Carolina and the 2004 Democratic vice presidential candidate, said in New Orleans. (Reuters 16 July 2007)

Edwards isn’t the only Democrat who is making poverty part of his political platform.  Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have both made speeches that touched upon their ideas to tackle the inequality in American incomes.  Previous Presidential candidates such at Robert Kennedy and Jessie Jackson have put emphasis on American indigents, but with Clinton campaign of 1992 the focus changed to the middle class.

And the middle class have an agenda of their own.  Although they list poverty as one of their concerns it doesn’t come before education, health care and the economy.  Most people consider them and the rich a more important than the poor, who vote less than any other economic group and the poor are less likely to contribute to political campaigns.

But that doesn’t seem to stop Edwards from highlighting their struggle.  In Cleveland today Edwards announced his plan to promote economically diverse schools. 

“We still have two public school systems in America, and millions of children are separated from opportunity by their race or their class,” said Edwards.   “We need to do everything we can to improve their education, and that includes economically diverse schools.  More low-income students should have the opportunity to go to schools where they are likely to have experienced teachers, parents who are more involved and classmates with high aspirations.” (Edwards Press Release)


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17 July, 2007 at 9:13 pm

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