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Your Money is No Good Here

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There rest of the world really isn’t feeling us right now.

Usually that point doesn’t hit home to me, being that I live in the Midwest and rarely venture off my own little block.  But I am helping my daughter prepare for a trip to the UK in a couple of weeks and yesterday was the money exchange.  Her father gave me a couple hundred to put on a gift card for her and while I was there I decided to exchange some dollars into pounds.  My bank didn’t have the money on hand and said it would be better for me to go to another one up the street but I couldn’t since it was five and they were all about to close.  I asked the woman what the exchange rate was, from dollars to pounds and she said she didn’t know.

So I went and googled it and what I saw made my mouth drop.

Now, I know that we aren’t as endeared around the world as we used to be and the image of the ugly American tourist has shamed us all, but has it come to the point that across the globe in 1st world countries we have to pay twice as much to be there?

I went to the currency calculator and it showed me that it takes two dollars to equal one pound. 

What is up with England?  How are they going to play us when they were right there with us in that war?

Since I’m not a world traveler things like this usually go over my head.  I didn’t even pay attention to the news reports on July 2 when they said that the dollar was at a low.   But since my daughter is making this trip it has opened up for me.  I explained to her the rate of exchange this way: a hamburger, fries and drink that might cost 3-5 bucks here at Wendy’s will cost 6-10 over there.

“What?!”  She wasn’t happy.

I’m not usually an overly patriotic person.  While everyone is yelling “YEAH!  U-S-A!” I’m the one with just a simple “yeah”.  But even I’m pondering about how the strength of our dollar has is becoming flaccid.   Is it time to send Bush on a world tour to remind them how great we are?  If we do hopefully it won’t turn into a similar incident like Bush Sr.’s embarassing moment when he vomited on Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa. 

Well, with the weakness of the dollar that should bring tourists here for a shopping spree.  So to all those in the UK and Europe, it’s the end of the season sale in malls across the country.  Bring lots of money, because we need it.


Written by rentec

21 July, 2007 at 4:26 am

Posted in money, social issues

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