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Brown Ain’t the New White

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Macy’s department store has angered hispanic Americans with their t-shirt that says “Brown is the New White“. 

I wonder if the person whose bright idea it was to imprint that slogan on a t-shirt is dumbfounded about how it went over in the latino community.  You can take that phrase a few different ways and a couple of them are pretty insulting.

It might surprise some in the majority that many in the minority don’t aspire to whiteness.  I can see how they might get that confused, considering they have all the cool stuff and are running everything.  But many who know their heritage and where they come from don’t want to trade it in to move up; they want to move up and carry all of that along with them.

But with the rapid browning of America maybe in a few years we will white people sporting the t-shirts “White is the New Brown”?


Written by rentec

26 July, 2007 at 7:48 pm

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