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Don’t Touch ‘Em, Fat is Contagious

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Sometimes when I’m bored on a Monday night I will watch the Brookhaven Obesity Clinic show on TLC.  The show is about grossly obese people who won’t/can’t lose weight so they check themselves in to get help.  Most of the residents sneak food in or have accomplices that sneak it in to them.  One episode I saw made my jaw drop as I watched a guy decide to amputate his gnarled leg because he knew he just couldn’t give up the food.

It’s like that for some folks.  Some people are addicted to food and they just can’t leave it alone like crack or bad tv.  But just because someone has a drug or an alcohol problem it doesn’t mean that those around them will soon succumb to the problem.

The New England Journal of Medicine says its different for weight gain.  According to an article in today’s NYT if you run with a fat crew then, you too, will probably become fat. 

I have friends who weigh close or over 300lbs and I am no where near that.  In the black community some people don’t feel a woman is sexy until she hits 160lbs and has some meat on them bones.  I know when I was at my thinnest (126lbs) I was told by my female elders needed to eat and gain more weight, not lose anymore and once I hit 130 I got their seal of approval.

But for the country at large, I don’t know if I agree of the peer pressure to gain weight or even women trying to keep up with the Joneses.  I think the study is too simplistic in its approach, what about cultural attitudes and access to healthy food?  What about the use of food as a means of socializing? 

And what I really fear is that people will use this as a way to discriminate against overweight people. 

I think we can all agree that as a society we might all need to lose some weight but I don’t think we need to jettison a group  socially because we are afraid they’ll raise our cholesterol.

That’s just my two cent.


Written by rentec

26 July, 2007 at 7:30 pm

Posted in news, obesity

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