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Raging Geishas & A Strong Black Grrrrl

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A few years ago when Kelis made her debut with the song “I Hate You So Much Right Now” I was in love with her music.  Finally a song of defiance and with a touch of punk rock. 

But that went by the wayside with the quickness.  Black female empowerment doesn’t sell music.  When they aren’t being arm charms in someone else’s music video they are boy toys in their crooning, like Lil Kim’s pseudo-confidence that is closer to concubine.  Artists who think their power comes from talking about what is between their legs instead of what they have between their ears.  When singers like Fefe Dobson and Cree Summer (I know, hard to believe) tried to put out music with a rock feel and lyrics that didn’t talk about sex they became marginalized.  Jean Grae has a record deal and is a spitter whose putting out more than just vacuous lines of rhymes, but black radio isn’t showing her much love.

My friend just sent me this link to Raging Geishas and I’m in love with this group.  This is the kind of stuff my daughter and I have been on the search for.

Peep them on Myspace and the article from the Miami New Times.

Where was this group when I was going to punk concerts?


Written by rentec

26 July, 2007 at 3:28 pm

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