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Faces Made for the Net

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I missed the original air time of the CNN/Youtube democrat debates but I caught the rebroadcast on CNN.

Aside from most of the questions being generated from YouTube viewers and the candidates showing their own short video (which in a way seemed like kindergarten projects) I thought it seemed a lot like the town hall meeting that came to being when another Clinton was running for President 15 years ago.

But what I’m tired of is the media talking about the format, basically downing or dismissing the questioners who sometimes dressed up in clothes or sang or had a computer generated snowman poise their question.  Aside from technology insinuating itself even more into our political process not much was different from it– okay the snowman was a bit odd.  Other than that it was just a regular town hall with questions asked via pre-taped video.

I wonder if journalists acted the same way when JFK and Nixon made the first ever televised debate?  Looking back on it now it was just a debate with cameras picking up their every word and bad lighting for Nixon.  It did help to signal a change for how political candidates presented themselves.  Roosevelt might have had a harder time proving himself to be a stalwart candidate if millions of Americans had seen him sitting on stage in a wheelchair.

Hopefully it will get more young people to be more active in the political process.  If Sanjaya can garner thousands of votes then I’m sure Edwards can get twice as many.  He’s just as cute and personable on the net.


Written by rentec

1 August, 2007 at 3:24 am

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