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Donnie is Out. Do You Care?

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Rumors abound about gay black singers but nothing has been proven.

A few years ago there was a rumor about a black neo soul singer who had an album shelved because all the songs were an ode to the singer’s same sex partner.  I’m not sure how true it is, but the singer hasn’t had a cd out in years.

Or the rumor about another R&B singer who threw a tantrum in the recording booth and couldn’t be pacified until their same sex lover came to talk them.  It was said while the singer sang a love song into the mic they stared into each other’s eyes.

And then there’s one about a recently deceased singer.  Throughout the singers life they were never photographed with someone of the opposite sex and rumors floated that the singer had HIV although never proven.  Although gone the singer’s music is still as popular as ever and many in the black community refuse to believe that the singer was anything but heterosexual.

I can go on and on about the rumors and innuendos about certain black singers, rappers and celebrities and how African Americans prefer their entertainers straight or at least keep it undercover.  And many gay black celebrities, who may not go out and get themselves a beard, still play along by keeping their personal lives underwraps and their significant others away from the papparazzi.  They probably know that black consumers may find it hard to go to a movie or watch a tv show where a black male is playing the romantic lead with a woman when they know the male would rather be with another guy.  Or listen to a love song that a woman is singing about a man when they really know she’s probably thinking about a woman.  Its hard to procure a fanbase when your fans could turn on you because of your sexuality.

So I have to give kudos to Donnie.  Recently he outed himself in interviews with bloggers like Jasmine Cannick.  I love his music; he’s a terrific singer.  His music had depth and the man can sing with full emotion.  He’s not mainstream and I dont’ know if he gets any play on Urban Adult Contemporary stations, he doesn’t in my city.  I don’t think the reason he doesn’t get attention isn’t because of his sexuality but because he doesn’t have a cookie cutter sound.

It might be easier for Donnie to tell about himself because he hasn’t gotten to a superstar level yet, but hopefully it won’t keep him from getting there.  And maybe if others see him rise on his talent with people not caring about his private life as much it could get others come out themselves.

I said might.  I’m not that naive.  Accepting black homosexuals in the community we have a long way to go.


Written by rentec

2 August, 2007 at 8:47 pm

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