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The Show Must Go On

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Although founder Larry Leon Hamlin died last month on June 6, the National Black Theatre Festival in Winston Salem, NC goes on.  Hamlin was an inspiration to a lot of African Americans and was probably the impetus for many local black theatre festivals, I know he was with the one I work with.

So if you are interested in black theatre –real black theatre– and you live in the area please go.  Or if you think that black stage shows should all be the ghetto gospel or chicken circuit kind then please go, too.  They shows won’t be there, but you will be surprised at how an August Wilson or Suzan Lori Parks play can effect you. I still think of  “Two Trains Running” from time to time and it’s relevance to the black condition in the 21st century –that and the funny scenes.  There will be production companies from across the country, new playwrights staging plays and the chance to see real stars up close and personal. 

This is us telling our stories the way we tell our stories.  How can you beat that?


Written by rentec

2 August, 2007 at 9:13 pm

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