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Nickled and Dimed

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My mother is 65.  She said she was going to retire this year.  But she has been saying that every year for the past five years.  I don’t think she will because I don’t think she has the money to retire.  On the news the focus is primarily on the group who live paycheck to paycheck because they spend way above their means.  Well, what if you live paycheck to paycheck because you are living way below your means?  When will congress be able to pass a minimum wage big enough to help the lower classes catch up?

It might be fun to watch the antics of the super rich on television as they celebrate their sweet 16 or fret about how this person doesn’t give them as much attention as they like.  Some might even find it entertaining to view and heiress donning workclothes as she derides the lifestyle of the working class and mindlessly utters, “That’s hot.”  Yeah, its all fun and games till someone gets hurt and you have to go to the emergency room.  Thats where you realize you don’t have healthcare to pay for the big bills headed your way.

Just something to think about while you’re flipping through cable channels.


Written by rentec

4 August, 2007 at 8:56 pm

Posted in politics, poverty

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