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Brownback Girl (shudder)

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Okay, all the things that’s wrong with it.  Although its supposed to be a funny take on Guiliani and Obama girl the problems are: unoriginal –they basically swiped the music from Madonna (a Conservative favorite icon-right?) and the character of the church lady.

Another problem is that the appeal for the video is geared to folks who probably don’t surf the net that often.  Or know how to get on the net.  Or are even aware there is an internet.  Do they have wifi in nursing homes now?

A bit more creativity would garner more attention.  And originality. 

But hey, Brownback may get the GLBT votes with the old school tranny vid!  The Logcabin Republicans are gonna love it.


Written by rentec

10 August, 2007 at 12:24 pm

Posted in politics, pop culture

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