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For Black Ladies Interested in Asian Men

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The director of the upcoming movie, Akira’s Hip Hop Shop is in need of funding.  If you are a black female interested in Asian males he needs your input.  Please fill out the questionnaire and email it back to akirashiphopshop@ All replies are strictly

1) Why are you attracted to Asian guys? Please be
specific as possible

2) Have you ever acted on your attraction?

3) Do you worry about what your family will think?

4) What about your friends?

5) What kind of mean things do people say to you for
liking Asian guys? (For instance I’ve heard people say
if you like Asian girls you must have a small dick.)
What’s your comeback line?

6) What is it about an Asian guy specifically that
makes you think one is right for you?

7) Why don’t you think more Asian guys date outside
their race?

8) What’s the cruelest most racist thing you’ve heard
directed towards an interracial couple or an Asian

9) What would you like the world to know about being
with a person of another race


Written by rentec

24 August, 2007 at 12:18 pm

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