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It’s Not Just Us

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Sometimes it’s good to step away from the race issues (deep, deep issues) that we have here in the U.S and look at racial problems in other countries. A few years ago we were shaking our heads at the problems England (specifically London) was having with its Asian community. Then a year or so after that when Paris was burning (literally burning) because of the issues it had with 2nd and 3rd generation of citizens of African descent. So we take a break from our issues between black and white, occupational Americans vs. Latino immigrants, black vs. Latinos, straights vs. gays (choose your issue) and we look overseas to see how others are handling it or what they are going through and feel a bit of comfort to realize that we aren’t the only ones.

So now we can look at Brazil, the country that claims to not know color. Brazil touts itself as being colorblind although it could see color well enough to make a pyramid of darker hued people on the bottom and lighter skinned folks on the top. Recent articles have highlighted racial problems in the country and tonight on PBS’s Wide Angle they take a deeper look with the documentary film “Am I Black or White?”

Check your local listings for showtimes and go to PBS’s interactive sight to learn more about the subject go behind the scenes with Adam Stepan or take a quiz to see how well you know race relations in Brazil

Then next week I guess its back to immigration and affirmative action.


Written by rentec

4 September, 2007 at 10:00 pm

Posted in color lines, culture

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