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He Must Be a Rockstar

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It’s hard to tell if famous (or infamous) people are dead or alive.  I blame the cinematic age and babyboomers for this.  If someone is looking young and vibrant on screen it’s hard to think of them as being dead.  How long did people mourn James Dean?  It was hard for them to handle so by the time Elvis kicked the bucket babyboomer’s minds just shut down.  No, no, no, it can’t be possible they said.  Like the second coming of Jesus they started spotting him at truck diners, airports and other odd places.  He didn’t even walk on water, feed the multitude or heal the sick.  Although he served his country he wasn’t a war hero.  All he did copy some moves and riffs from black singers, swivel his hips and come out with a bunch of hokey pop musical movies (which I …. er… love) and he becomes elevated to demigod status.  This is all you need to become a hero to the converted these days.

Twenty years later the same ailment inflicts black Gen X-ers.  The death was of Tupac and Biggie was a conspiracy.  No, it was staged and they are both in hiding only venturing out to some anonymous studio to spit out new releases that they are creating from some bunker in a far off place because they don’t want the fame, just the money.  They have after death fame, the one that keeps them in youth forever.

So, to me, its similar to the conundrum of whether Osama bin Laden is alive or dead.  Just like a Tupac cd, a new bin Laden video comes resurfacing every few years.  And now (just like with a Tupac cd) talking heads are trying to decipher it.

“Is this new stuff or old stuff?”  “Does he mention anything current?”  “Can we figure out where he is?”  “His beard is darker.  Does that mean this is an old tape?”

And just like with a Tupac cd we get the conspiracy theorists coming out and weighing in on whether it’s someone who looks like him but not really him, its an old remixed video (or audio tape) that is used to inspire insurgents. 

Just like we can’t fathom that Elvis, Tupac and Biggie died before we were ready to let them go we can’t understand how bin Laden should be alive after we decided he should be dead.  We bombed his cave, we ran him out of Afghanistan so how is he going to stage a comeback when we (the U.S.) don’t really want him.   His crawling out of obscurity becomes a reminder of how far we have strayed from the original goal –which was to rid the world of terrorism and those who use him as a leader.  We told the world he was dead and then moved onto Iraq the same way we can switch to the next big thing in pop culture.  Just like a bad case of herpes he keeps flaming up on the current administration to let them know you might be using Valtrex, but herpes doesn’t really go away.  Bin Laden might lay dormant for a while but he comes around every now and again to remind us of our bad one night stand.

For all I know bin Laden could really be somewhere having wine and cheese with Elvis, Biggie and Pac.  Maybe they are all in a secluded place or another dimension and only pop in on this world to make their mark and let us know they can still have an effect on us.  Or it could be some elaborate scheme created by big media moguls.  Those Hollywood people, they can do anything.


Written by rentec

7 September, 2007 at 9:31 pm

Posted in media

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  1. true, true. but after-death fame is so much less enjoyable…you miss out on the chicks, cars, and whatnot. you can’t sell CD’s these days so all the money is in merchandising and branding. I guess this means Osama needs a logo. I hope for the action figure in my Christmas stocking. media distorts it all weather dead of alive….did you catch that mini-series “the gulf war”? it had its own theme music and everything….
    nice post, thanks.


    8 September, 2007 at 1:16 am

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