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First it was Joss Stone, then it was Amy Winehouse and now black folks are buzzing about the Filipino teen singing sensation Charice Pempengco

 Charice can sing a Beyonce song, Charice can sing Whitney, and Charice can sing Jennifer Holliday.  And she can’t just sing, the little girl can sang.  I think some big black chick is in the background singing for her or someone in the Phillipines has created some kind of singing fembot that will try to take over the world through music.  It’s a puzzle to me that a girl that small can have a voice that big.

What I also find interesting is that some of the hottest singers (Christina Aguilara, Justin Timberlake) or widely touted new singers (like Amy Winehouse) often sing in an old soul way to get attention.  But for the most part, black music has moved past that style.  There was a brief resurgence of it with neo-soul that lasted for a few years, but for the most part tight soul singers like Musiq and Jill Scott don’t get the heavy rotation like their white counterparts.  (Well, maybe Musiq is lately with his song Buddy, but it’s really the weakest of his offerings). 

I wonder if Charice can get a record deal or even be a hit in the states since there really hasn’t been an Asian as a solo singer on the pop charts since Don Ho sang Tiny Bubbles.  But if she can’t it’s not for lack of talent, because like I said before the girl can sang!


Written by rentec

5 November, 2007 at 3:15 am

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  1. Hey SS,

    Nice to see you outside of myspace. Love your blog. I wanted to comment on this little Filipina sensation. Charice is great. She sounds fantastic! I have included her in my blog about the Philippine Divas ruling the Asian Diva R&B scene. You can see them all on the blog. They are hot and are all winners in my book.

    Again, very very nice blog you got going on here sister.

    PS: Malaysian Idol Jaclyn Victor and China Idol Jane Zhang are close and I do mean close seconds. Chaka Khan and Mariah Carey would be pleased to hear their renditions of “Through the Fire” “I’ll Be There”


    21 November, 2007 at 3:06 am

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