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United in Dislike

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A telephone poll taken with 1,105 African American, Asian American and Hispanics has found something major: that we don’t like each other. They probably could have saved the money and followed the newspaper headlines to the next Hispanic/Black clash but they probably wanted to do it at a safe distance.

Not only do the minorities distrust each other but they trust whites more than another minority groups.

Other findings are:

  • A majority of Hispanics and a significant percentage of Asians believe in the concept that every American has an equal opportunity to succeed. By contrast, the majority of Black respondents – 66 percent – disagreed with that notion.
  • Blacks overwhelmingly believe the criminal justice system favors the rich and powerful; most Hispanics and an even larger majority of Asians disagree.
  • A large majority of each group believes that they should put aside their differences and work together on issues affecting their communities; they also say the country would be better if more from all three groups were in positions of authority at universities, businesses, media and government.
  • All three groups are optimistic about the future. Strong majorities of each group believe that racial tensions will ease over the next 10 years.

So maybe there is hope for us yet. To read about the findings click here.




Written by rentec

9 January, 2008 at 7:01 am

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