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Is Ron Paul a Racist?

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Some hate-filled newsletters from the GOP nominee hopeful have surfaced, but Paul is denying ownership.

I don’t know who Ron Paul is. I’m not following the Republican race as closely as I am looking at the Democrats. I know only a few faces on the GOP side and those are Giuliani, Thompson and McCain. Everyone else was just names to me until now. Now I know who Ron Paul is and I will be following him more closely.

New Republic reporter James Kirchick went in search of the infamous newsletters of the Congressman. In his article titled Angry White Man, Kirchick examines 25 years of newsletter from the candidate.  Published under four different titles over the years (Ron Paul’s Freedom Report, Ron Paul Political Report, The
Ron Paul Survival Report) the newsletter has published incendiary comments over the years against blacks (“opinion polls consistently show only about 5% of blacks have sensible political opinions,”), gays (“Homosexuals, not to speak of the rest of society, were far better off when social pressure forced them to hide their activities.”), Barbara Jordan (“the archetypical half-educated victimologist”), and Martin Luther King (“world-class philanderer who beat up his paramours”). The darlings of the newsletter are David Duke and militia groups. Written mostly in first person with no-bylines, Paul is denying not only ownership of the articles but also claims he never knew of the substance of most of the articles although they were published under a publication that bore his banner.

I don’t know whether to give him the benefit of the doubt or just doubt. He more than likely won’t get the Republican nomination, but it’s sad to see a race that will probably go down as being the most inclusive by the way the country is responding to Obama and H. Clinton that we have a relic from the old boy’s club rearing its head.


Written by rentec

11 January, 2008 at 6:14 am

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