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Better Than the Primetime Line Up

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I really thought that Edwards would have a better showing in South Carolina.  I just assumed that since he was from the state and was talking about money woes before a lot of the other candidates attacked the subject in a similar way that his people would come out for their hometown/native South Carolinian.

But oh well.

I have to say that the ’08 elections are riveting and we haven’t even narrowed it down yet.  The Democrats have a better selection than the Republicans this year, definitely.  I watched a bit of the Republican debate on Thursday night and I hung in there until they started asking one another questions.   The last thing I remember was McCain was either asking someone a question or answering someone a question –either way the man is the cure to insomnia.  I rarely fall asleep before 11pm and I woke up at 1am wondering what Romney was going to say next.  Of all the candidates I think Romney did the best although I found it a bit odd that he was ready to rumble with H. Clinton and already calling her out.  I wonder if it’s a Mormon thing?

The Democratic race is the one to watch.  Although both Republican and Democrats keep changing the front runners in each state they enter, the reasons are different.  With the Republicans it’s the same old, same old but the race between the democrats has more spark and it’s not all because of the race and gender issue.  H. Clinton is a polarizing candidate.  I am sure a lot of Republicans would love her to get the nomination because they feel they could make worms meat of her.  She doesn’t exactly exude crossover appeal and I’m sure some staunch conservatives still hold a grudge since Clinton’s administration.  But Clinton has provided inspiration to a lot of females.  Just to see a viable female speak and play the game as rough and tough as the big boys is a rush for many young women today.

And speaking of inspiration, Obama’s speeches are outside the regular beltway political speak and meatier locutions than Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton can deliver.  Obama makes people stop and listen and re-dream America.  Not the current America where the mention of an alert on the news can give us a mental meltdown but the America we like to think we are; the America where everyone has a chance no matter where they are from.  Our belief in our myth as a warm and opening people is central to national psyche, even if the history books say otherwise.

So it’s interesting to watch these two iconic people go head to head.  But it’s also sad, too.  The best race would have Obama or H. Clinton on opposite sides but as things stand now we are waiting for one to knock the other out the box but hope that it isn’t done in a way that is irreparable to the Democratic party.

Edwards seemed to be hoping for the same thing after the SC debates early last week.  He’s just trying to get in where he can fit in and trying to get attention to his cause of the working poor and lower middle class for this election, which is admirable.  The major problem is that a lot of lower income people don’t always show their appreciation with the ballot because they are the least demographic to find their way to the voting booth.  So while Edwards is out stomping for a worthy cause H. Clinton and Obama are divvying up supporters and crossing lines to do it.  Heck, they even seem to be crossing party lines, too.  Last weekend Obama got a nod from Bush II spiritual advisor, yet I am still pondering what the interconnection between the Bushes and Clintons over the last few years.  Shoot, Huckabee is even getting into the act by acquiring the endorsement of some conservative black leaders.

Maybe Edwards should resort to delegate grubbing like H. Clinton has done by working her Florida campaign (like she did the Michigan campaign) although the candidates promised before that they wouldn’t go to those states since they violated the rules by moving their primaries up.

Don’t count Edwards out just yet, perhaps there’s still some attention to be had for an old school liberal.  Maybe if Edwards donned some overalls he can get President Jimmy Carter to throw his support behind him (which I don’t recall him doing for Clinton years ago).  They are both southern boys who care about the indigent which is good enough to win Nobel peace prizes but not necessarily capture a presidential nomination. 


Written by rentec

28 January, 2008 at 7:08 am

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