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I Did Not Have Any Type of Relationship with that Slumlord!

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So while Obama is knighted into Camelot by Sir Edward Kennedy, H Clinton is trying to make clear up false assumptions that she has ever had any dealings with the slumlord she linked Obama to in a debate last week.


News reports said that the Clintons were a bit miffed to hear Kennedy was throwing his support towards Obama this morning.  Yesterday’s op-ed piece from Caroline Kennedy probably didn’t do much to soothe them also.  The Clinton’s were supposed to be a second reincarnation of Camelot.  Pics of Bill Clinton shaking the hand of JFK flashed on the news this morning.  And now this pic of the Clintons with Rezkos… from a PR standpoint it’s not a good look. 

When people see this:

It kind of reminds them of this:

And really, we don’t want to go back there again.

So I think we should now get back to politics as unusual, with the candidates telling us who they are and what they do and less about digging up political dirt on the other guy because when you sling mud you might get some blowback.


Written by rentec

28 January, 2008 at 8:45 pm

Posted in news, politics

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