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My Freedom Hero: Bill Moyers

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Although not elected, the media is often considered the fourth branch of the government.  They are the eyes and ears of the people; at it’s best the media has helped to root out corruption but at it’s worse we have gotten yellow journalism and government propaganda parading as news.  It takes an unbiased reporter to bring us the unadulterated facts, even when we don’t like what it is and it changes the culture of our time.

Bill Moyers is that type of journalist.  For over 30 years Moyers has been giving us the straight dope, first as a reporter with Newsday, then a Senior News Analyst and Commentator for CBS News.  With his wife he started Public Affairs Televison and produced a couple of different shows that explored different aspects of human existence. 

In 2002, Moyers began hosting a weekly news magazine on PBS called Now with Bill Moyers.  The show brought on a wide range of guests and often Moyers gave an in-depth look at the topics of the day.  He soon became the target of Kenneth Tomlinson, the chair of the Corporation of Broadcasting.  Tomlinson was a Bush appointee and after the show and it’s guests started coming under strict scrutiny Moyers retired in 2005.

In 2007 Moyers left retirement and came back to PBS with a new show called Bill Moyer’s Journal.  Flexing his first amendment rights, Moyers brings stories to the airwaves each week that challenges the viewer become more active in their government.

So this is why Bill Moyers is my freedom hero.  To understand why check out his show.


Written by rentec

2 February, 2008 at 5:37 am

Posted in media, politics

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