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I’m Through With White Girls

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Is it me or did dude look like the love child of Dwayne Wayne and Mars Blackmon?

Coming to a black movie festival near you, “I’m Through With White Girls: The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks“,  is an independent film directed by a young sister named Jennifer Sharp.  Centered around an atypical brother named Jay Brooks is a sci-fi and comic nerd.  As he watches his friend prepares to take the big step of marriage Jay decides he wants it for himself but realizes that he has been dating the wrong women.  As he takes assessment he realizes that all the women have one thing in common, they’re white.  He tries do date black women but gets rejected out of hand becasue he’s not a thug.  He finally meets the girl of his dreams whose in-between and everything he’s been looking for.  But can Jay get out of his own way to be with his perfect match?

That’s my quick summation just from reading the synopsis.  From the preview it looks like a film that wants to examine racial and gender issues in dating from a black male perspective but not stereotyped black male that we see everywhere but the brother that some young black women don’t want to give a chance most of the time because they think they are corny (which was most of the black guys I dated.)


Written by rentec

6 February, 2008 at 1:22 am

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  1. Yeah, he’s like Dwayne Wayne the first couple seasons of “A Different World.”

    I mean…there’s this false dichotomy that black people are either ghetto or educated/professional, and black men are either thuggish or geeks and black women prefer the thugs. Seems like the movie (and your description) holds up that dichotomy, in a way. I know a lot of black women who like bad black men, but there are black guys who fall somewhere in between…and, to me, they’re often the ones dating interracially, to be honest, not the corny ones. I look at this guy on that YouTube clip and am just like…”most black AND white women wouldn’t go out with him in reality.” Not to say all or even most white women who date black men do, but many white women like a certain image of a black male, i.e. strong, masculine, sexual, personality…things the dorky black guys don’t put out there. Usually, the guys that nobody acknowledges in the dichotomy also have a good job, an education and a professional demeanor. They’re well-rounded. Black women like these kinds of black men, too, but, as I said, so many of them tend to not like us…but black women keep looking for them, interracially date *or* they get with a thug because that’s the image *some* black women like. Point is, corny guys lose out, yes, but not always because they aren’t thugs.


    6 February, 2008 at 10:41 pm

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