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The Red Day After

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The day after Super Tuesday, a clear front runner finally emerges in the Republican party.  John McCain  pulls ahead of Romney and Huckabee with 613 of the 1191 delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination.  He’s running the type of campaign he tried to mount eight years ago before he was Bushwacked and Roved all over the country.  He’s a former Vietnam POW who has gained the respect of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle and is nationally thought of as being a conciliator.  After a shaky start and low  funds (I actually thought he pulled out couple of times) he is now the man to beat for the Red nod.

He wants this.  For real, he does. 

He’s resonating with the people but not with a lot of conservatives.  Ann Coulter has called McCain a liar and that if he gets the nomination she’ll start campaigning for her mortal enemy, H. Clinton.  Rush Limbaugh said on January 15 that if McCain gets the nomination it would destroy the Republican party and has accused him of manipulating the media.  Both Romney and McCain have accused one another of harboringliberal tendencies, with the real far Righter’s going for Huckabee. 

Like Obama, McCain draws the Independents.  Whether you agree with him or not, you know where he comes from and what he stands for.  You know that he is a man of duty and integrity and even after his run in 2000 he still harbored no ill will to Bush and stood behind him as Commander in Chief.  Whether you agree with him or not you know he will never play you underhanded and will actually do what is best for the good of everyone, not just for interest groups who have his ear.

This is probably what is bringing a lot of people to cast their votes for McCain.  After this Bush administration people are finally looking deeper than have before and want more than smoke and mirrors.  Votes for McCain aren’t necessarily votes against Romney and Huckabee.  Vote for McCain are for the image he projects and how he’s perceived.  Finally, on both sides, people actually have a choice for something.

But McCain’s nomination isn’t inevitable.  Both Romney and Huckabee haven’t conceded anything yet and in the following weeks we will truly see what stuff these guys are made up.  Hopefully they are deserving of all the votes they have earned.


Written by rentec

6 February, 2008 at 3:42 pm

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