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Tonight I finally got to see what other parts of the country has been inundated with for the last few weeks: political commercials.  First it was H. Clinton and then it was Obama.   Can’t wait to see what the Republicans have and if Huckabee will still be holding on come March 4.

Even my daughter is excited to get into the act.  She will be 17 on March 4 but because she will turn 18 by the time the general election rolls around she gets to weigh in on the presidential candidate.  She said the girls at her school have been passing around voter registration cards and talking heavily about the election.  My daughter is definitely a devil’s advocate.  When someone in school starts to harp on Obama she will ask why not Huckabee.  If someone is a McCain supporter she begins the talking points on H. Clinton.

“Who are you following?” she asked me one day while I was making dinner.

“Personally, I like Dennis Kucinich,” I said. “Anyone who admits to seeing U.F.Os is my kind of candidate.” 

She smirked at me and we agreed to go together to cast our votes.  The family who votes together changes the world together.

I hope.


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13 February, 2008 at 5:18 am

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