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War Between the Genders: Lining Up Informers

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I’ve been so caught up in following the primaries I have forgotten that there is a war going on.  The war between black women and black men will not be marginalized because we must remember there are lives at risk, black babies not being born and women teetering dangerously on the verge of Old Maidenhood.  If this terroristic war is going to be won it’s going to be with the help of some good people on both sides who believe in truth and freedom for black women and black men to marry.

So ladies, we have a mole

Comedian, filmmaker and lecturer Rajen Persaud has a new book called “Why Black Men Love White Women: Going Beyond Sexual Politics to the Heart of the Matter“.  Now, I know what you are thinking and no, it’s not like Randall Kennedy’s Interracial Intimacies“.  Unlike that 600+ tome, Persaud’s book has just 275 pages and is lighter on the footnotes.  Persaud’s book is also lighter on facts; his book is laden with first person accounts, observations and on-the-fly interviews he does with friends or people he sees on the streets.  

But the book is funny.  With chapter titles such as “The Ultimate Blow Job”, “Making Pretty Baby” and “Black Women are Gold Diggers” I was expecting a shorter book filled with repetition but it isn’t.  Although not researched his book is well written and gives insightful.  He gives examples and tells stories that I am sure a lot of black women have experience.  One story he tells is of the black male ownership of his white girlfriend.

“A girlfriend and I were at a party launching a magazine tht my childhood friend was publishing.  There was a variety of young, black up-and-comers at the opening and quite a few Brothers with their female better halves.  I like boots, and a white girl had on a pair that I complimented.  She immediately begun talking to me intensely.  No more than a minute later a young Brother flew across the room and planted a big kiss on the girl, sat on her lap, and instantly began playing in her hair.  As we drove home my girlfriend told me that the Brother was staking claim on the white woman.  He saw me as a direct threat andhad to drive home that this was his woman.  I learned two things that night: One was that you can have a whole lot of fun talking to white women who are dating black men by observing the latter’s reaction; and the second is that you should never compliment a woman on her shoes unless you want a lengthy conversation.” pg 162

I can see this book getting picked up by a lot of black book clubs.  For a lot of black women who are tired of the black male IR double standard this is a must read.  I found the book entertaining although I probably could have answered the title question in less than one page: because the he loves  her.  It’s probably why I don’t have a book deal now.


Written by rentec

3 March, 2008 at 5:03 pm

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