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Pour that Liquor Down the Drain

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From Jasmyne Cannick’s Myspace Blog (and don’t forget to sign the petition)


Today, in honor of Women’s History Month and African-American women, activists launched in an attempt to call attention to Charles Knipp, a self-described forty-five-year-old, fat, gay white man that performs nationwide as his alter ego character Shirley Q. Liquor.  Knipp describes Liquor as being “an illiterate welfare mother with nineteen kids who guzzles malt liquor and drives a Caddy.”  The character is favorite among his core audience whom Knipp described in Rolling Stone Magazine as being “gay men, their moms, and rednecks.”  While in blackface as Liquor, Knipp’s speaks in Ebonics and makes comments like “axe your mamma how she durrin” and misuses words like “ignunt.” 

National Black talk radio “The Bev Smith Show” on American Urban Radio Networks (AURN) will dedicate its entire Monday, March 3 (7p-10p ET) broadcast to the campaign to ban Shirley Q. Liquor and spread the word about his upcoming performances.  AURN is the only African-American owned network radio company in the United States.  It is the largest network reaching urban America, with more than 200 weekly shows, AURN reaches an estimated 20 million listeners.

“We believe that if Mr. Knipp is a true talent, he can find plenty of folks who look just like him to present in 3-dimensional caricature,” read a statement from Smith’s camp. “If he really is funny, then he can find more than enough insulting and stereotypical elements of his own group, their background, and their culture, to mock. HE DOES NOT NEED OURS. As it is said, we have enough problems.

“As if injury could further be added to this insult, a recent posting to his website allegedly included the headshot of well-respected journalist/activist Jasmyne Cannick–a woman who daily responds to and fights for the rights and dignity of persons of color and the LGBT communities–edited atop the body of a naked and hefty-breasted woman.

Understand this, please: One of our journalists has been insulted. Would Charles Knipp have done this to an AP journalist? Would the head of Mike Wallace or Cokie Roberts or Jorge Ramos be used this way without response from their respective communities? We think not.”

The Bev Smith Show” can be heard in Sacramento, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Augusta, Chicago, and more. Listen to the show online at or

And I just want to know where are those same groups who were coming out against Isaiah Washington on this matter?  In the words of H. Clinton why don’t they “reject and denounce” this racist?


Written by rentec

5 March, 2008 at 1:58 pm

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