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“Hey, umm… I told this woman that you have a lot of J-Pop and K-Pop,” I said to my daughter two weeks ago.  “So, could you make her daughter a mix CD?”

She looked at me with wide eyes and her mouth flew open. “What?!”  she gasped.  She told me she didn’t have any music at all, just a song here and there.

“You’re always listening to it,” I said.  “Just hook her up with something you only need an hour’s worth of music.  You’ll do fine.”

A week later while driving in the car she took out her iPod and hooked it up to the stereo. 

“This is my new favorite group,” she said while playing a song from Big Bang.   

“They’re Asian?” I was surprised because the guy rapping sounded pretty black to me. 

With the rising popularity of Anime and Manga, J-Pop and K-Pop music has been getting a lot of interest from American teens, which is interesting since it’s hard to find over here in the states.  The popularity of Youtube and music sharing site like Limewire has enabled foreign artists to reach out to stateside Asians and others who are looking for new sounds.  Because of this the artist Bi(Rain) was named one of People Magazines most Beautiful People in the Word for 2007 and last month Ai Carina Uemura performed to a near sellout crowd in LA.

So then what is it going to take for an Asian American to get radio play?

That’s what AsAms have been asking for years.  Harlemm Lee wins the reality TV show Fame and can’t get airplay.  Rap artist Jin comes on 106 and Park and wrecks everyone and he can’t get airplay.  The only AsAms who get regular rotation are blasians like Amerie and Cassie and ex-Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger.  Unlike their biracial brethren, a lot of mono-racial Asians have been told the Asian thing is holding them back.

Paul Kim, one of the first people to be eliminated on the 2007 season of American Idol wrote on his Myspace page, “I was told over and over again by countless label execs that if it weren’t for me being Asian, I would’ve been signed yesterday.”  On that season Sanjaya Malakar advanced to 7th place because he was being buoyed by the website Vote for the Worst.

On this season of American Idol some are hoping that Filipina singer Ramiele Malubay can be the first Asian American to win the coveted title. 

After one week my daughter made a mix CD of J-Pop/K-Pop music with artists such as Utada Hikaru and Wonder Girls.  On the back of the CD she wrote the note, “I hope you enjoy the CD.  I had fun making it.”

I wonder how she will react if I ask her to compile a mix CD of Asian American artist?  I already bought the Blue Scholars’ Bayani and next month I’ll get her Lyrics Born’s latest. 


If you have any favorite Asian American, J-Pop, or K-Pop artist please list them below.


Written by rentec

5 March, 2008 at 11:41 pm

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