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Veeping the Unveepable

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As I await to hear the lowdown on what is a contentious race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton I want to throw out there what neither one of them wants to consider: one should become the running mate of the other no matter who wins.

I only suggest it because singularly they bring out the numbers and have their own strengths.  H. Clinton is great at parsing the numbers and doggedly pursuing what it is she wants –even to the point of annoyance.  Obama has vision and the ability to move people with his words.  Together they could make an unstoppable ticket.

As it stands now I’m not sure it’s possible.  I bet Obama can’t even find the words to conjure up that image in his mind.

Both of them have said that they aren’t running for Vice President position and that they want it all or nothing but it could be just the heat of the campaign speaking.  It would be hard to come this far only to have to get relegated to the number 2 spot yet I’m sure if one of them had been marginalized back in January they would gladly have taken the slot.  So they both trudge on, slugging it out over states, delegates and superdelegates along the way. 

The thing is we need both of them together.  H. Clinton might lend an air of experience to the ticket and Obama’s cache with young voters could bring in large numbers that could outnumber an unenergized Republican party. 

We also need them together because apart it could possibly rend the party.  The ugliness seeping into this political race could bring about irreparable damage beween the two.  Even if one would throw support to the other at the Democratic convention the underlying feeling would be it would just be an exhibition.  The real test comes when H. Clinton reades out to Obama supporters and vice versa.  Will people still feel that our cup runneth over with two excellent choices for president or will some segments take it personally that their candidate was beat out from being “the first”.

I know that some people are thinking that for a woman and black man to team up on a ticket it will be too much.  People are ready to have a woman as President and a black man as President but to have them both together could turn the electorate off.  Well, I want to point out that just a few weeks ago African Americans were saying white Americans weren’t ready for a black President but he has garnered overwhelming support among white voters.  And some have said that people aren’t ready for a female President but except for Obama, H. Clinton has bested the men who have run against her for the position.  Of any party, the two best people to run this country happens to be a white woman and a black man so why can’t we have them together?

I might be alone or too early, I am hoping to see a Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton this fall.


Written by rentec

5 March, 2008 at 4:12 am

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