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Another Obama Staffer Let Go

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On Keith Boykin’s new website The Daily Voice it has been reported that Senator Obama has let go of another staffer because of public remarks made against Senator Clinton.

In an email sent out by LGBT Leadership Council staffer Maxim Thorne he accused Clinton of lying and called her a disaster.

In response to her 3am tv commercial he questions,  “At 3am, Hillary said she and Bill were in bed and she knows of all the calls a President gets at different times of the day and night. Really? So much involvement – so much togetherness. Where was she when Monica was having sex with Bill?”

He also writes, “35 years of experience? When he was intimidating Katherine Wiley and Paula Jones? Where was the judgment on the cattle futures and white water. Do we forget Mark and Denise Rich? This was an impeached President who lost his licence [sic] to practice law. He committed perjury. They settled with Paula Jones for the full amount of her lawsuit. I haven’t forgotten and none of us should.”

(insert cat growl, claws exposed)

I say we put Obama’s staff and H. Clinton’s staff on American Gladiator and let them go at each other.  But props to Obama for dispatching the staffer quickly instead of waiting for people to demand it.


Written by rentec

14 March, 2008 at 6:47 pm

Posted in news, politics

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