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Maybe We Need an Anthem?

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Maybe it’s because I’m not in school anymore but I don’t really pay much attention to months that are dedicated to different groups.  Not even Black History Month, which has been reduced to trivia questions and spotlights on current entertainers as opposed to 21st century African American critical thinkers and activists.

Except for Obama… but then… well…

But today is Pi day (I can hear all the math nerds rattling off 3.14159… in their heads) which means we are basically halfway through with March and I don’t recall hearing too much hype about the fact it’s Women’s History Month.

Yep.  Women’s History Month.  Our month.  Our history.

I think we need an anthem.  Something that we have to learn the words to but hopefully easier to grasp than the Black National Anthem and especially better than the National Anthem (Oh, say can you see that I don’t know these words).

Here are my selections for a Woman’s Anthem:

But by far this one is my favorite:

If you are a woman with your own suggestions post them below.


Written by rentec

14 March, 2008 at 5:27 pm

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