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Within a week we’ve hit two landmarks with the war in Iraq.

Last week marked the fifth year anniversary of the war and today we reached the milestone of 4,000 dead Americans who have given their lives to this war for our country.  (Not many seem to be paying attention to the 90,000 civilian Iraqi deaths since the war began.)  And there seems to be no end in sight. Does it really matter who we elect in November?  Can they really get us out of this quagmire?

I remember the talk leading up to the war and how a few righteous people went around pointing the finger at those who thought brought this upon us.  It was the gays and our acceptance of their lifestyle that brought this to our door.  It was because we turned away from God or let other people worship the way the want to that 9/11 happened to us.  It’s because women want equal rights and aren’t in the home when the children return from school that bombers flew into the Twin Towers.

And where are these harbingers now that we are deep into a never ending war and slipping precipitously toward a recession?  We were so hypocritical then, we wanted it both ways.  We wanted to be out in the New World economy but swore we could make this war work on our own.  And we have gone it mostly alone, perhaps that’s why our money is no good anywhere anymore.  Not even in England, our staunches allies, even they want to gauge us.

Are homosexuality and the ACLU really our biggest sins?  Perhaps what got us into this situation and this war was our avarice, our bloodlust and unforgiving vengeance, weren’t those specific things that Jesus came to preach against?

But then I sit and think, perhaps those religious pundits were right, I am the cause for this war.  I didn’t vote for Bush, nor did I serve in congress but I didn’t do more.  I spoke up, but I have never carried a sign against the war.  I didn’t write my congressperson to inform them that I disagreed with their vote.  I didn’t write letters to the newspaper when I doubted the veracity of their stories.  I was in the silent majority; against the war but afraid to stand up and be noticed because I was afraid I’d be standing alone. 

I am not for this war.  But I am not against those who decided to take a stand for what they believe and this country that we love.  I pray that we can have our soldiers home before the casualties double in number.  I pray for the families who have lost loved ones. 

I got this video from Reappropriate.  I think it sums it up.


Written by rentec

25 March, 2008 at 4:44 am

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