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A Quick Glimpse at the AsAm Male’s Image

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picture from American Born Chinese by Gene Yuen

When J and I first started dating, William Hung was riding high from his short appearace on American Idol and making the morning radio rounds. J hated him immensely, referring to him as a blight on the image of Asian American men.

“It’s like that movie when I was in school,” J recalled of the Long Duk Dong character from the John Hughes Gen X smash “Sixteen Candles”.  He remembers getting into a fight with whomever tried to refer to him as the character.

The character of Long Duk Dong has been noted in NPR’s series “In Character” which takes a look at American characters from books and movies that have made an impression on the culture.

Eric Nakamura and Martin Wong, the founders of the magazine Giant Robot agree about how bad the Long Duk Wong stereotype is.  They spoke with NPR.

“If you’re being called Long Duk Dong,” Wong explains, “you’re comic relief amongst a sea of people unlike you.”

Worse, says Nakamura: “You’re being portrayed as a guy who just came off a boat and who’s out of control. It’s like every bad stereotype possible, loaded into one character.”

Listen to the full NPR story here.  Not to be left out, the series also examined the characters of Rasputia and Medea and the black female dichotomy.


Written by rentec

25 March, 2008 at 5:56 am

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  1. As Black people we know those images/stereotypes are hurtful…I would never want another race of people to endure that…

    C W

    25 March, 2008 at 8:48 pm

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