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Will the Real John McCain Please Stand Up?

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This is an odd election year.

Not just because the Democratic nomination has been running longer than usual –which, I have to admit, I like.  It has never been fair that a few early voting states get to decide who the nominee should be.

It’s also odd because we have two candidates who seem confused at times what party they are running for.  One candidate may be a wolf in Democrats clothing and the other candidates past keeps creeping up on him.

Because all eyes (and ears) are on Obama for his speech on race, Clinton and McCain are being ignored like Brittney Spears on prozac.  But really, we shouldn’t.  The New York Times ran a piece yesterday about two events John McCain would like everyone (especially the far left conservatives) to forget.

The first event is that he courted or was courted by Democrats to jump the fence and play for the other side.  He was still ticked from being slammed and defamed by GWB’s team during the 2000 primaries and supposedly thought of changing sides.  So some Democrats say.  He says they asked him and he turned them down.

The second event is the rumor that McCain was going to be John Kerry’s V.P. in 2004.  Again, each side is claiming to be the pursued, not the pursuer and it’s odd that within a span of four years McCain could be a Democrat tease in that way.

But now, in order to shore up his base, McCain has decided to align himself with those he rebuked back in 2000.  A article has even gone as far as to say that McCain is Bush.

When John McCain went to the White House last week, President Bush seemed to be offering him an out. Bush “welcomed” McCain as “the Republican nominee” in his official statement, but didn’t initially use the word “endorse.” It was McCain who leapt for the e-word. “Well, I’m very honored and humbled,” said McCain, “to have the opportunity to receive the endorsement of the President of the United States, a man who I have great admiration, respect and affection [for].”

McCain, perhaps, is not the same man who Independents fell for 8 years ago.  Maybe he feels he can’t be, because he didn’t get the nomination with Independent support back then and perhaps he’s afraid he either won’t get enough of them if Obama should happen to get the nomination.  So now, he’s banging the gong to get his base geared up and excited, in hopes that he can slide through in November on the strength of those votes because the Democrat contender will be limping from this prolonged brawl.

Or maybe McCain is just doing the old bait and switch and will turn back to the old John once he’s in.  But if the Democrats should win the White House, I’m sure McCain won’t have a problem with it.  Like McCain said in 2004, “the Democratic Party is a fine party“.


Written by rentec

25 March, 2008 at 9:37 pm

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