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Everyone is wondering about what the allure is of a certain presidential candidate.  Some are thinking that many are getting wrapped up in his sonorous speeches and not really questioning the politics behind it.

But I disagree.  Of course I disagree. 

I think this time is for the burgeoning cosmopolitans that Americans should be.  Big business keeps saying we live in a world economy.  Our government keeps dispatching our brothers/sisters over to lands that we can’t pronounce the names of nor do we know what type of sovereignty they might be under.  What pollutants we use here may have repercussions for a child in a far off country.  So for those of us who want to stand not just as Americans but also as earthlings who share one globe we can’t be discounted as Hippie Flower Children Reduxed for the New Millennium.

Okay, perhaps we can, but then you are missing the point.

We aren’t alone, we don’t want to be alone and if we are going to lead then we should decide where we are going so others will want to follow.

I snatched the following from over on Roslyn Holcomb’s website.  I’m not sure where she got it from (and neither is she) but I think it best sums up how we as Americans can be world leaders as well as world citizens.

How to Build a Global Community
Think of no one as “them”; Don’t confuse your comfort with your safety; Talk to strangers; Imagine other cultures through their art, poetry and novels; Listen to music you don’t understand; Dance to it; Act locally; Notice the workings of power & privilege in your culture; Question consumption; Know how your lettuce and coffee are grown: wake up and smell the exploitation; Look for fair trade and union labels; Help build economies from the bottom up; Acquire few needs; Learn a second (or third) language; Visit people, places, and cultures––not tourist attractions; Learn people’s history; Re-define progress; Know physical and political geography; Play games from other cultures; Watch films with subtitles; Know your heritage; Honor everyone’s holidays; Look at the moon and imagine someone else, somewhere else, looking at it too; Read the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights; Understand the global economy in terms of people, land and water; Know where your bank banks; Never believe you have a right to anyone else’s resources; Refuse to wear corporate logos; defy corporate domination; Question military/corporate connections; Don’t confuse money with wealth, or time with money; Have a pen/email pal; Honor indigenous cultures; Judge governance by how well it meets all people’s needs; Be skeptical about what you read; Eat adventurously; Enjoy vegetables, beans and grains in your diet; Choose curiosity over certainty; Know where your water comes from and where your wastes go; Pledge allegiance to the earth: question nationalism; Think South, Central and North – there are many Americans; Assume that many others share your dreams; Know that no one is silent though many are not heard. Work to change this.
But then I can bring it down a notch lower for those who still can’t understand:

Written by rentec

27 March, 2008 at 3:20 pm

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