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Mom Retrieves Son from South Korea

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This story is the talk of the Asian-Black community right now.

Tiffany Rubin has been battling over custody with her ex-husband Jeffrey Sako for a few years now.  They shared joint custody although Sako was facing up to six months in jail for non-payment of child support.  He decided to get out of it by returning to his home country of Korea and taking his child with him.

Rubin hacked into her ex’s email account and found out where he had gone.  With an anonymous tip to her MySpace page and the help of her new sister-in-law hooking her up with the American Association for Lost Children, Rubin found her son living in Gamsil, a town near Seoul.  She immediately went to Korea to retrieve her son.  She went to the school he was attending and told the teacher she needed to speak with him.  Once in the hallway, Rubin put a wig on her son and along with the representative for Lost Children they went to the American Embassy. 

Salko is still in South Korea.

This story man not have all of the intrigue as “Not Without My Daughter” but I would love to see a Lifetime or WEmovie of the week on it.  They did one for the Buttafuco’s they can do one for this.

Sources for this story are Yahoo News and New York Daily News

For the Fox News video click here


Written by rentec

28 March, 2008 at 9:18 pm

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