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A Quick Look at Clinton-Obama News

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Things might be getting a big nasty soon.  It’s not like they’ve been cordial now but a quick perusal of news stories over the last 24 hours in the Clinton-Obama drama shows:

1) Clinton still can’t get over the Richardson endorsement of Obama.  Bill, you gave the man a cabinet job over 10 years ago, let it go.  People deserve to move on and have their own mind and career.  Haven’t you ever heard of the maxim, “If you love something, let it go… ” Let it go!

2) Jimmy Carter seems to be swinging Obama’s way.  I don’t think Carter ever really liked B. Clinton anyway.  Carter can expect some nasty comments coming his way from the Clinton camp after its done; perhaps downplaying his work for Habitat for Humanity or his work for Peace in the Middle East.  Do the Clintons even remember there’s another Democrat president still alive?

3) Clinton tells the Superdelegates that Obama can’t win.  Yeah, he might be winning the popular votes and the delegates but he can’t bring it home in November like she can.  Remember, she won Ohio, California and Rhode Island.  States that count (remember states whose votes count always vote for H. Clinton.  The other states who voted for Obama, their votes don’t really count.

4)Obama raised 40 million for his campaign in March.  The Clintons made 50 million since leaving the White House but aren’t releasing their tax forms to tell how.

But then, how much did she make in March?  Is she still lending her campaign money?

5) A recent shows the age gap in voting.  In a match-up between Obama and McCain, Obama has the upper hand with voters 18-29 with 57% showing preference for Obama, but at the other end with the 65+ set McCain has the edge with 51 percent favoring him.

A matchup with Clinton-McCain shows a closer race with H. Clinton barely edging out McCain with young voters and McCain narrowly escaping defeat over Clinton in the other age brackets.


The real question that I’m dying to find out the answer to is how H. Clinton can spin this to her advantage-disadvantage at the same time?  If anyone can do it, she can.


Written by rentec

3 April, 2008 at 4:32 pm

Posted in news, politics

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