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The College Option When Money Isn’t an Option

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Teenagers have two problems.

The first problem is they don’t know shit.  Their second problem is they believe they know everything.

I can concede that I was that way when I was younger and didn’t realize I didn’t really know anything until I hit my mid twenties.  I thought I knew everything and everything I didn’t know wasn’t worth knowing.  I remember feeling smug and thinking I was much more astute on things than my mother was only having to go back to her when I realized the expanse of my own stupidity to tell her that she was right.

So, by my estimation it will be the year 2016 when my daughter hits her own revelation.

The whole college process is a pain and my daughter is the biggest pain about it.  We all get on her nerves at home so she wants to go away but she took forever to fill out the college application forms.  Then when it came time to search for scholarships she claimed to have it under control?

Did you go to

Yesssss mom.

Did you search the websites of the colleges you are interested in to see what they have?

Yesssss mom.

Have you written any essays?  Applied for any scholarships?  Turned in any forms?

She accused me of trying to keep her at home.  Me, the woman who has her foot up her ass about filling all this mess out.  Obviously she’s not getting the hint that I want her to go off to college just if only so she can at least be more proactive in washing her own clothes.

I’m not the only parent in a dither about financing their freedom child’s college expenses.  In today’s New York Times reporter Jonathan D. Glater writes about other families feeling the economy pinch and worrying whether the loan option will be able to subsidize their children’s education.

There are clear signs of potential problems in the fall. It remains difficult for lenders to sell securities backed by student loans, in turn making it harder to raise capital. One guarantor of private loans, a nonprofit company called the Education Resources Institute, filed for bankruptcy protection this week.

So we worry, we apply for everything we can and we wait.   In the interim I wait for my petulant teen to come around and see I kind of know what I’m talking about.   Factoring in inflation I wonder what I can charge her for that?


Written by rentec

12 April, 2008 at 7:35 pm

Posted in education, family, parenting

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