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Meeting Our Racial History

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Some ask why we act the way we act without looking how long they kept us back
Rightstarter (Message to a Black Man)
~Chuck D/Public Enemy

Two seconds after we gained our freedom, pseudo social psychologists have been studying what is wrong with African Americans, why aren’t we succeeding, why are Asians surpassing us, why are our graduation rates so low, why are our families fractured?  In essence, what is it about African Americans that make us implode?

They claimed we lived in seperate but equal societies and long have we languished under the so-called parity.

So here we are in the first decade of a new millennium and the burden of the past is still beside us.  The greater of us tries to figure out how to help the least of us without capsizing the shaky boat called middle class stability in America.  First Bill Cosby critiques our woes which is then dispatched by Michael Eric Dyson whose comments are then scrutinized by Juan Williams just in time for all of us to go to the big pep rally for African American at the State of the Black Union with Tavis Smiley.   In the interim more African American males are heading off to jail than college, drugs and crime rule inner city black neighborhoods and we are at a loss to why the up and coming generation probably won’t surpass the previous one.  We look at race and class and it’s historical aspects and among the bickering we still can’t find a consensus.

In the meantime whites have moved past the issue of slavery and race. 

Meeting David Wilson is a documentary that addresses the issues of race and intraracial problems in the United States.  28 year-old journalist David Wilson goes in search of answers to America’s racial problems by sifting through his own family history.  Along the way he encounters another David Wilson whose family owned his ancestors.

It aired on MSNBC on April 11 but the DVD is for sale for all who want to watch this journey.


Written by rentec

15 April, 2008 at 4:35 am

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