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Using the Wright Negativity

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The Obama campaign will one day be an example of how a candidate can get Willie Hortoned in the new millennium.

It’s no secret that minorities are used to sink presidential candidates. To sheer up their base and drive them to the polls in droves, conservatives have been using the scare tactics for years now.  In 2004 it was the fear of homosexual hordes running through the streets clutching marriage licenses with cell phones in their hands putting their new spouses on the medical plans.  Oh the horror, the horror!  It was enough to help sink swift boated Kerry’s campaign.

So how do you get rid of Obama, someone who claims he’s not going to run the regular gambit and then has the audacity to give uplifting speeches?  Trump out a gay closeted lover?  They tried that and it didn’t work.  Point out to everyone that although he claims to have transcended race he is still indeed a black man?  Yep, tried that too and he was buoyed higher.

It’s obvious they decided to stick witht he black motif because being black is definitely a lot scarier than being gay in the minds of middle white America.  And if they can’t make calm and cool Obama show his angry black side then they have to show he’s angry by association.

Trump out the friends.

First it was Farrakhan.  Now, unlike other Americans it’s apparent that Farrakhan is not allowed to have his own ideas of who he should want in the White House.  It’s probably better that he came out for McCain than give a shout out endorsement to Obama, who has been whispered about being Muslim anyway.  Although Farrakhan belongs to the black American sect of muslims which is a lot different than the Sunnis, Shias and Shiites but just as angry at white Americans. 

Then there was 1960’s radical William Ayerswho was a member of the Weather Underground which is renowned for issuing a state of war against the American government and a botched bombing.  Although Ayers is now a professor and Obama was just a child living on a different landmass when the Weathermen were at their peak, his association with him was brought up to taint Obama’s character.

And now there is Reverend Wright, who just won’t go away.  Although Obama said that he wasn’t in the audience when Wright damned America it doesn’t matter.  He’s his pastor, right?  What probably angered Obama the most is when Wright said that Obama was saying what he needed to say as a politician just as he was saying what he needed to say as a minister, which kind of insinuated that Obama was just saying whatever he needed to say for political expediency.

And that caused Obama to go negative.  On Wright.

It’s sad that throughout his campaign Obama has distanced himself from seeming overtly black.  For MLK’s 40thmemorial of his death he didn’t make it to Memphis.  He also didn’t make it to Tavis Smiley’s”State of the Black Union”; he sent his wife but it still didn’t sit well with Tavis.  And now Obama has to put a marathoner’s distance between him and his former pastor.  Why?  Because he can’t seem to black.  Because white America has 24-second amnesia and we must all pretend that what has gone on in the past is so far behind us that it doesn’t matter one iota now.

I’m not saying that all that what Rev. Wright charged the American government withis true (putting AIDS and drugs in the black community to destroy us and only us) but looking at the past government’s dealing with African Americans like the Tuskegee experiment, then it’s hard to say that Wright’s fears are actually farfetched.  The black community has long been wary of the American government and I don’t know if Wright is actually speaking in the African American religious tradition but he is giving voice to different things and conspiracy theories that I have heard in the black community.

So, aside from Wright being the nutty Uncle that one must bear that Obama once characterized him as, I wonder if, in the long view, Obama will also turn on the rest of the black community, because I have heard those who are educated as well as uneducated voice those views.  He isn’t running to be the president of black America but of all America and he will be held accountable by those of many colors.  So, if he knows this then why is he pandering to the white working class vote?  Is it because he feels they are more likely to come to the polls than the average black American?  Or is it because he knows that the average black American will really vote for the democratic nominee, no matter what egregious thing they’ve done or said.  That is what the Clinton’s believe and African Americans proved it when they voted for Bill Clinton after his Sister Soulja moment.

Now all the talk around the media is how Obama is taking the initiative by putting Wright in check.  It’s sad he had to wail on his former political adviser to get these props.  Although in extending his 15 minutes Wright did bring it on himself so Obama had to check him.

So perhaps this is a sign for Clinton, who has been wanting Obama to play the game her way.  But then black on black negativity is something I’m used to seeing, so I doubt it.


Written by rentec

30 April, 2008 at 3:04 pm

Posted in politics

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