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China Black

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South Africa has decided to categorize their citizens who are of Chinese descent as black.

Is that good news, bad news or no news?

In South Africa the term black is a designation for those who are native African, coloured (biracials/multiracials) and South East Indians.  Historically those of Chinese descent have been discriminated against in South Africa but in the early 70’s were made honorary whites because of the apartheid South African government’s connection to Taiwan. 

Chinese South Africans claimed they were still discriminated against.

Patric Chong, the chairman of Chinese Association of South Africa , said:  “As Chinese South Africans we were officially classified as ‘Coloured’ and suffered under the same discriminatory laws prior to 1994. The logical inference was thus that Chinese South Africans would automatically qualify for the same benefits as the ‘Coloured’ group, post1994. This was not the case and Chinese South Africans suffered a second round of unfair discrimination.”

So now they are black.

The sentiment from whites around the blogosphere is that of fear.

Andre Fouche wrote on, “I am white, I speak Afrikaans I am a male, and me and my family will be leaving for Perth soon… there is no place for me anymore in Africa!”

And on the Wall Street Journal blog an anonymous person quipped, “Wow. More discrimination against white people. Lets hear it for multiculturalism!!”

But hasn’t the world always been set up to be whites against people of color?  I thought that is what colonization was about.  But if people of color should link up and turn it around to People of Color vs. Whites it seems less empowering somehow.

I don’t know why…. hmmm…..?

Oh well, there’s always the racial draft and Vin Diesel’s a free agent.


Written by rentec

19 June, 2008 at 7:44 pm

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  1. Classifying Chinese as “black” is a slap in the face to the South African black population. Imagine Chinese being classified as Native American in the US! No way would that have happened. What happened to minority or non-white?


    24 June, 2008 at 1:59 pm

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