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Every Black Fashionista Should Go Get an Italian Vogue

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All the talk about the absence of black models on the runway is accentuated by the abundance of black models in this month’s Vogue magazine from Italy.  In the July issue of Vogue Italia all of the models are black and the topics are Black women related. 

“I thought, it’s ridiculous, this discrimination,” Steven Meisel said to The New York Times.  Mr. Meisel gained recognition with the Madonna Sex book and has photographed this all black issue. “It’s so crazy to live in such a narrow, narrow place. Age, weight, sexuality, race — every kind of prejudice.”

The abundance of top black models in Vogue Italia only highlights the absence of black models from American fashion magazines and runways.  It’s a void that has been noticed by industry elites like Diane von Furstenberg, president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America who sent a memo to its members encouraging them to create fashion shows “that are truly multicultural.”

Speaking out about the dearth of work for black models Naomi Campbell said, “Women of color are not a trend. That’s the bottom line.”

Right now the trend is bending towards white and until designers decide to become more inclusive it’s not going to change.  The New York Times asks

What would finally move American designers to include more black models on their runways? That 30 percent of the country is nonwhite? That black women spend $20 billion a year on clothes? That an African-American is the presumptive presidential nominee of the Democratic Party?

Imaginably it may take the push of a black presidency to usher in another appreciation of black beauty.  With Michelle Obama as a first lady who imbibes all the elegance and class of the late Jacqueline Kennedy it should show fashion designers if Americans can welcome a black family in the White House we can surely accept a black face on Vogue (American).




Written by rentec

25 June, 2008 at 1:51 am

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