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Generational Beef

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Kroegers, I know you are pulling some questionable meat from the stores but if you need some fresh beef you can come to the hood and get some because it seems we have plenty.  

A few weeks ago it was Ice T and Soulja Boy arguing over who was killed rap and to be honest, when both of them started talking in that urban patois I couldn’t understand a single thing either of them said.  They’re probably both right.

Now we have Jesse Jackson wanting to geld Obama.

People are wondering if jealousy made Jackson come out of pocket like that with Obama.  It’s probably part of the reason with but not the complete story.  Some think it’s because Jessie is out of touch but that is also missing the point.  Jessie is in touch with those in his generation, but what Jessie (and Ice T) haven’t recognize is that time, and youth culture, has passed them by.

Life is hard when you wake up to the fact that you aren’t the young hot on the block.  It is a trick that time plays on us to be young for only a short time.  In our youth our outlook and ideals are fresh and often unjaded by life’s trials.  We filter old things and want to try them a different way until it’s perfected, that’s when they work for us.

And that is when we are past our prime.

Jackson, like Ice T, need to fall back.  Their day in the sun has set and it’s time to let the newbies move through the world and make their mark.  This is how things stay fresh, relevant and new.

I wasn’t born during the heyday of the civil rights movement.  I don’t know what it was like to march with Abernathy, listen to a MLK speech live or attend a sit-in.  The previous generation did that so I wouldn’t have to.  And in doing so the older generation helped to effect the current climate today.  America today isn’t like the country of the pre-civil rights era, so it stands to reason that African Americans who have been raised post-civil rights will have a different approach and outlook to everything from race relations, black pride, community and nationality.

For years people have been wondering who will take the mantle and become the next Martin Luther King, Jessie Jackson, or Medgar Evars.  Part of the response of the subsequent generation is that we don’t need to duplicate those icons because as a community we aren’t in need of that type of leadership anymore.  But in the absence of a leader some of the old heads just won’t walk away.  They are still on the spot telling us how it should be done, how it’s always been done and how we are ill-equipped to fill their shoes (I guess in death we’ll be holding seances to discover how Sharpton thinks we should do things).   So although a large amount of African Americans don’t have a problem with the way Obama is crafting his message Jackson still feels a bit up in arms that Obama isn’t following the path that the tread.

It is the same with Ice T.  I laughed at how he called out Soulja Boy for having a whack song because I couldn’t recall him doing the same with anyone else back in the day.  Did he step to Bobby Jimmy (now Russ Parr of the Russ Parr Morning Show) to complain how he helping to make East Coat Rap look whack?   Did he tell all the gangta rapper wannabees of the 90s how they were oversaturating the market with their niche rap that mostly bordered on trite and pedestrian?  No.  But now as a 50 year old guy he wants to come at a 17 year old kid for making lightweight rap.

Come on, now.

Both of them have been around enough to know how the world works.  The same way my mother used roll her eyes to my LL Kool J albums is the same way my eyes roll when my stepson and his friends pop his fingers to Crank Dat Supaman.  (I would have referenced an Ice T song, but there’s no way I would have ever played his music around my mother.)

Likewise with Jackson.  I’m sure in his youth there were older people warning him not to go running around with that renegade Dr. Martin Luther King.  He was a terrorist and the white folks would soon probably kill all of the uppity Negroes and him along with him.  Why not just work it out through the courts? 

So, yeah, I think some older cats are drinking a lot of haterade this month.  I think they got it confused with the fountain of youth energy drink I’m sure someone is going to come out with soon.  And they better hurry up because the Baby Boomers aren’t getting any younger.


Written by rentec

11 July, 2008 at 5:24 pm

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